1L Strip Application Pack

Recommended for domestic and home use, including general household disinfection, disinfection of pet bedding and kennels, disinfection of hands, shoes and clothing, vet/animal shops, work surface counter tops and tables

1 Litre Application : 10 x 1l strip pack. (5,5 grams each)

Application per square metre: 1x litre = 50sqm   (20ml/sqm)

1L pressure sprayer available to purchase on request.

10L Application

Recommended for disinfection in veterinary clinics, cleaning industry, schools, butcheries, nurseries

10 Litre application : pack of 10 (55 grams)

Application per square metre: 10 litres = 500 sqm

10L pressure sprayer available to purchase on request.

16L Knapsack Application

Recommended for the disinfection in the agricultural and commercial sectors.

16 litre knapsack application : pack of 10

Application per square metre: 16 litres = 800 sqm

Knapsack and attachments available to purchase on request.

5,5kg Bucket

Recommended for the disinfection in the agricultural and commercial sectors.

5,5 kg bucket making 1000 l

Application per square metre: 1000 litres = 50 000 sqm

100L Application

Recommended for use in animal housing facilities , on tools/utensils , greenhouses and nurseries , package and processing plants and all surface sanitation.

100 litre application : 1x 550g sachet makes 100L

Application per square metre: 100 litres = 5000 sqm


face shield

The Face Shield provides your entire face with protection including the sections of your face that are more vulnerable to airbourne pathogens or pathogens that are within particles in the air.


  • Light , last longs & reusable
  • Full face protection
  • Doesn’t limit breathing
  • Compatible with any eye wear ( eye wear due to limited vision or protective eye wear)
  • Allows face to be visible whilst protecting (helps in communication particularly with people with impaired hearing)
  • Easy to use & clean 

Simply use ADI Surface Disinfectant to thoroughly and safely clean the visor of the face shield.

Using ADI Surface Disinfectant ensures that no toxic chemicals are brought near to the face.


The Touchless Hand Sanitizer Unit provides an efficient way to sanitize your hands ensuring ultimate protection.

The application process is completely touchless and quick with an application time of 2 seconds.

  • Completely non-contact
  • 350 washes per 5L
  • Average 2 seconds application time
  • Nano Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal paint layer ensure ultimate protection
  • Signage available according to customers’ needs 
  • Wall Mount ( Or floor standing on request)
  • Made in South Africa & provides jobs for locals