* For Coronavirus claims, MSL uses Feline coronavirus for the surrogate organism therefore allowing any result on Feline coronavirus to represent  the results achieved on the pandemic strain if it was tested and that they are repeatable by other labs, thus ADI Disinfectant has been directly tested on Feline Coronavirus.

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ADI Disinfectant can be used in a wide range of industries



Fresh fruit, vegetable and plant packaging warehouses

The agricultural: farms, hatcheries and processing facilities

Plant nurseries


General distribution warehouses

Abattoirs The packing industry – storage facilities, crates, conveyor belts, pallets

Veterinary practices, vet/animal retail outlets, animal hospitals, wildlife

Pharmaceutical Industry – raw materials, manufacturing, transport

Food Industry – agriculture, production, transport, manufacturing, animal feed, packing, warehousing, logistics, wholesale, retail and service outlets.

Cleaning Industry – all areas


For use on any surface, including, walls, floors, cages, kennels, equipment, tools, pots, cutlery, glasses, seed trays, pot plant holders, bells, light switches, handles, tables, counter tops, benches, chairs, shelves, trays, refrigerators, freezers, toilets, basins, baths, showers, taps.

Consumer chain – groceries stores, fresh fruit and vegetable stores, butcheries, takeaway outlets, restaurants, cafes, tuck shops, food trucks

Food manufacturing plants, including those used to manufacture animal feeds

 All public areas- including shopping malls, restrooms, sports arenas, change rooms, theatres

The transport sector- shipping and transport vehicles and depots, public transport

 The medical sector: hospitals, clinics, doctors’ rooms, dentists rooms, ICU wards, theatres, wards, reusable surgical instruments



Areas infested with algae

Areas where disease outbreak control is needed, including listeriosis control